Do They really love you see growing?

Do They really love you see growing?

I have started this blog not just to show off, I can write, I am not a content writer nor I am native English. But the main reason behind this blog is my inner satisfaction that I have done something today and I am telling the world (maybe in broken English) that I am doing something.

And you know what? Whenever you do something there will be a bunch of stupid people surrounded by you they will tell you that they really care about you and they comment on whatever you will do, and they may even convince you so that you will start thinking that “Yes! (s)He is the right, I am on wrong track”.

And the worst part is, they convince you in such a way so you started following the path they choose for you, and you will get distracted.

Same in my case, this will be my post#13, and each time I write something I got negative comments about my English about the concept I wrote about the use of language, and the most interesting part is all the people who actually degrade you are the ones who actually not doing anything other than degrading you because they get applauded by other stupid people at coffee when they make fun of you. or maybe they are in so much tension to see others doing something that steps ahead from them. You should feel sad about them.

What if you are surrounded by so much s**** and you also have to keep striving, keep writing, keep doing what you wanted to do, keep making your parents Proud because Parents are the ones who actually LOVE you see growing, LOVE you see doing something that you LOVE doing. Here are things that I do whenever I listen to criticism:

1. Listen
2. Pass a FAKE smile
3. Agree
4. Then get back to the work that you are in love

Seriously Asim? are you saying us to pass a smile to those who are actually making fun of us in the presence of a bunch of other people?

Yes, you should do that, you must have to listen to criticism because that’s how you will get an idea that you are on the right track and you must keep going on and on.

Listening to criticism is good, but following the path, other choices for you are not Good. You should keep going and going maybe a step at each day but don’t settle keep moving.

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