How to get out from difficult situation?

How to get out from difficult situation?

Do you know what is the best and easiest part? Whenever you ask somebody, “Oh damn, I am stuck with this situation. What do I do man?”

Giving Advice!
Most of the time whenever we ask for any help or we are a bit tired in a situation and wanted some motivation to get out of it. We ask.

And the scariest and worst part is we all are very good at giving the advice, not following for our own but giving that, and that’s where the bad situation gets worse.

Because sometimes the speaker/presenter/leader whom you ask for advice don’t foresee how his or her words can impact someone’s else life, how the lister will take their words, and do accordingly, but they are more like kind of boss whenever you ask them anything.

And when you look very closely at the situation and see how they actually handle that in their life is completely different, you will be stunned to see some of them don’t have actual ambitions to do anything but just to give advice and impose orders on others.

What to do in this situation?

I have learned whenever you ask an incompetent person “SIR” and you will see how worse words flow from his mouth because you gave him the position that he/she doesn’t deserve and obviously if you closely listen to their advice your life will get blasted, you are finished.

Always see who is an actual leader whom you ask the advice for, always try to find that person and discuss your things with him/her. They will provide you the path you may not want but that will be very good for you in the long run. And it is very hard to find such kind of leaders in your life.

Stay Safe for being ruined 🙂


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