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Attending Event vs Sleeping?

Attending Event vs Sleeping?

Most of the times when my friends and fans(hehe) call or text me in a daytime, I usually missed their calls and text messages just because I get to sleep in a daytime. And most of the times’ community gathering and events organized at daytime. Not suitable to Nightbirds. So normally I missed events and gathering as well.

And If you born Introvert and feel very bad being with people or to be part of any community. Congrats, you and I on the same boat. And this is one of the real problems we aren’t able to see.


Yes, you may earn a lot of money, you may build you million dollars bank balance, and you are home and doing this for rest of your life and people don’t know you. Then I think, this is one of the biggest problems.

First, you are not interacting with people, you are losing some of the major opportunities.
And secondly, you are an IDIOT,(What? Are you saying I am an idiot?) Why not? Haven’t you listen to this kind of feedback from someone else before? any harsh comment on you?

If you haven’t then my friend you are in serious trouble of leading your life to a certain point where you feel that you are 100% perfect because of no one haven’t pointed out bad things in you. Why? because you haven’t met anyone or you haven’t attended any kind of event or any kind of community gathering.

Once you do that, you interact with people, you actually get to know yourself. You will find out what are the BAD things you have and what are the Good things.

Knowing you have some Good things won’t make much difference in your life, but knowing what you are doing WRONG, or what BAD attitude/ behaviours you have will make you aware of that wrongdoing.

So once you listen to people’s feedback and went back home, you should think about it. Why someone gives you the wrong comments? WHy is that so?

And when you ask this kind of questions to yourself and have a will to improve it, to make it better so next time if met someone who should behaviour good. and once you work on that you started making friends and your circle become bigger and you will get a lot of opportunities, and the best thing is we will be a better citizen and will be a good friend.



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