This is Asim, a full stack web developer, a Toastmaster, and Ninja too. Passionate about building and learning new technologies. Any problem? wanna fight? then write your anger at: +(92)345 5306849


About Me

With deep in your heart, you don’t want to die to do CRUD operations whole life and nobody knows you. You want to do something that the whole world get benefits from or if you make it little selfish whole world knows you at least. Isn’t that so?

Yes, it is. Same here in my case, I don’t want to die to do something that any employer or client wants me to do, I want to die with Pride.

Oh, I am supposed to introduce myself here :p

I am Asim, Khawaja Asim. Toastmaster with a little bit of interest in teaching with a quarter specialty in Ninja as well loves to write and to do blogging with some happy clients who also love to share their experience and love to have some kind of productive discussion I just love it.

I do love electronics, and how hardware works with software. Will create something big in near future \m/

Yeah, that’s all from my side, if you like me or wants to have a productive discussion with me do ping me here drop a message I will definitely reply back ASAP.


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