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Don’t Settle for the REST, If you can get the BEST?
Don’t Settle for the REST, If you can get the BEST?
Damn, I want to do great, I want to conquer the work, I want to change this world upside down. I want to do this... I want to do that. Have you ever tried dreaming big? or Have you ever been caught by your family, friends for dreaming big? If not then you are not a dreamer if YES then give me a high five. I am (or was) in the same boat as you are in. And if you have a nice job, a good salary a nice, pretty girlfriend :p and all the other things that the average human being needs. And if you still dream for the big, maybe to start your own business, to retire at an early age, to go on a vacation that lasts for months. Then you are in serious trouble, each and every day you talk about this anxiety with your close ones you will be hit by this kind of sentence over and over again. Are you Insane? Look around the world, look at the unemployment. You should make yourself settle for what you have. WHAT? Wanna you start your business? Are you gonna take a risk? You should keep yourself busy with your routine, don't take any risk. And lots of other Dream breaking sentences, that makes you feel at the end to give up.


By the way, have you ever opened your eyes to see the remarkable innovations done by other human beings, like computers, the internet, cars, airplanes, bikes, robots, etc? What if ancient human beings thought about Settling with what they have? What if, early people don't do this much for us? What if, those people didn't dream big? Then we all were living in that same old rock world. Where every morning we went outside to search for food and forget about changing this world, forget about what we will eat tomorrow, forget about what we will make for another world so they can take benefit from a better life. Those people were dreamers, those people were who help others to dream big, and achieve them, those were the people who actually forget about what others are saying and making this land beautiful for all of us.

What is our Liability?

This is the biggest question you may ask yourself when you go to bed at night. Dreaming big is not a bad thing, getting out of this boring routine or maybe wanting to is not a bad thing, Dreaming big to change this world is not a bad thing. We are not born to get every morning, go to work, then came back home and sleep to go to work the next day again. We have some liability, to give one important reason to be in this world, to give your little for the rest of the world, to make their like better, or to do any kind of innovation. This all can be achieved if we surround you with the Dream builders, who actually encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and do great things, not with the ones who break your dreams. Always dream big and set goals to achieve them or at least try them, So you will not be left regretful. Don't settle for the REST, if you can get the BEST!