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Do we need to build whole big software and then publish? ASIMplify
Do we need to build whole big software and then publish? ASIMplify
Hi, I have been developing software (Web and Mobile) for more than 5 years now. Now and even in my study days I normally think about the ways How can I build something that will become a Billion dollars idea? Every time I drove back and forth to my University, and now even in my current job, the same habit Thinking is still with me. How can I make something big? That's the question you may ask yourself each day. But the next thought that comes to my mind is that. How much money will I earn from that? How much money will I spend on Google Adsense? How much investment I have to make to build this product? How many developers and the team I will need in the future to run this product successfully? Is it worth spending? Is that idea going to grab the market? Do I need to learn new technology to develop this product? Do I need to purchase server hosting to deploy that in the cloud? Do I need to create the admin panel? What will be the domain name for that? and bla bla bla list goes on and on... You know Overthinking kills, and that same happens to me each time. I do focus on creating something big rather than starting from small and making it big. With all this Overthinking It's been now years since I haven't done anything, every time I think about to start that all above (useless) questions pop up in my mind and I started thinking about that and finding answers for that and that lead me to nowhere and now still I haven't done anything that is more than billions. I am sure, Mark (ZingerBurger) CEO of Facebook at very first he didn't even though about how he will run the company. He started with very small and you can see the progress in the current year. Now he is playing with billions.

So, Where Is The Fault?

You may ask this question, as I do to me. Where is the fault? Is there any fault in our professional education? Is there any fault in career counseling? Is there any fault in our DNA? :p Is there any fault in our mentality? What if you born poor? Is this a fault? Or faults in our stars? As I figure it out, the problem lies within our mentality, we first think about the money than the idea. That thinking leads us to nowhere. We were doing the job and we will do the job for others. We will not be successful, we will not show the world that we can build great products. That's because of our mentality that a cheap mentality that always focuses on making money not on making something that will help others. And surely while you reading this you are thinking about it. What are you talking about Asim? Are you a billionaire? Do you have enough money to serve your family? Who are you? Let me tell you, I am Asim, Khawaja Asim. I know we need money in every stage of our life without that you can't do anything. And I am not telling you to quit your day job today and sit today and make a product. But we can start something small and make it big. A really big one. We can surely do that, surely we can. We can focus on Minimum Viable Product(MVP)

Minimum Viable Product(MVP)

Rather than committing to writing complex software and implementing all the features, you can implement in the product we can really set up a simple application with basic features and place Ads on multiple media. We will gain the customer's attention. Simple software with a simple purpose.

What Should be the Goal?

The goal should be to write a simple piece of application and as quickly as possible. The MVP is all about: What was the response? what did they like? Hate? How much profit? Is this worth scaling? Bad assumptions? Do we need a new idea? You see all the above-overthinking questions come after we have something in hand even a small application, even a small store to make it big as Walmart, even a small space ship that will become SpaceX, even a small piece of DOS application that will lead to Microsoft. What questions should be worth thinking after something?

What you have build ASIM?

That's the question you may ask me, I am all the way from the top of this post giving you the motivation to do something small forget about the big things. Small will lead us to big. What actually you had to build Asim? The answer is: "I haven't 🙁 " I am or was on the same boat that most of us are. But I am going to take one step towards making something that counts, that really counts. I am learning Automation so that I can automate my own house from anywhere in the world, maybe that's a small step and every world does that what's the point in reinventing the wheel? The point is Satisfaction First if you are satisfied with your work if you are satisfied with your efforts than the World came next. Focus on small things, and dream about the big. Don't LOVE what you do. Do What you LOVE 😉