I was a bit tired putting everything in the document that I was creating for the client. That’s a lot of mess, putting all content in one document will lead your readers at a point where they start losing interest to read the documentation or anything you will write.

But here is some MS-Word trick that will save your time and will be good for the readers with clean writing.

Insert another word document as an Object

Here are steps to take care of:

Step 1:
Create a new document with your content you want them to be in a separate object.

Step 2:
Once you create that go to your first document where you want to insert that document link/object.

On the Insert tab in Text group you will see Object dropdown.

MS-Word > Insert > Text > Object > Object (click this)

Step 3:
Once you click that a popup will be shown,

Step 4:
Click Browser to browse that document file and tick checkbox saying Display as icon.

Step 5:
Click Ok and you are done, you can see that file as an icon into your word document, you can now delete that file from your drive and this still will work. Double click that to see the content of object file.

[Ting Tong] I think I am done with this, will see you with another exciting, sexy, clean post.
Till then stay tuned for more cheezy posts 🙂

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